About Us

The Joseph boutique hotel is situated on the boundary between Jaffa and Tel Aviv, a few steps from the Noga compound on Jerusalem Boulevard, the lively and developing flea market, the Neve Tzedek neighborhood, "Hatachana” - the train station complex, Old Jaffa and the port, the Tel Aviv beach and the promenade.

The hotel’s rooms are decorated in a modern design and in a similar style. The size and structure vary from room to room.
The rooms are furnished with quality beds, luxurious showers, a TV screen, Wi-Fi, a safe and a hairdryer.
Several rooms can accomodate families with children
The design of the hotel is innovative yet influenced by the history of the city and reminiscent of Jaffa oranges and the pastoral orchards of Jaffa that were in the area until about 100 years ago.
The design ranges from minimalist modern design to traditional oriental motifs.

For hundreds of years, Jaffa served as the main gate for goods and travelers who arrived in Palestine.
The port in Jaffa was built on the foundation of a small bay on its natural coastline, which enabled protection from winds and waves.
When we established the hotel, we wanted to reflect a combination of the history of the city with the latest trends.
Experience the mystery of the renewed city of Jaffa and the vibrant city of Tel Aviv.
We would love to be your pampering home port while you are in town and help you experience the city as you did not know it.