In the Area

The city of Jaffa offers all the attractions that a tourist city offers to couples, young people, families and, in fact, to any age and any area of interest. A combination of history and antiques, a true Mediterranean atmosphere, the smell of the sea from the harbor, the beaches, aromas of coffee in the air, a bustling city, commerce, and the busy flea market which is 200 meters from the hotel and where the bars and clubs are open until the late hours. Many artists have chosen Jaffa as the center of their art and the city is full of art galleries. In recent years, the area has become a culinary center and many restaurants with different styles of food opened their doors alongside the famous hummus restaurants and bakeries. The Noga Theater complex is also several hundred meters away and it becomes a lively and young area in the evenings. Other busy recreation areas are active in the city until late hours, all within a few minutes' walk of the hotel.

The boulevard, now called “Jerusalem Boulevard", was established in 1915 by the Ottoman governor of Jaffa, Hassan Bek during the First World War. The governor envied the Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv, which had been established a few years earlier and wanted to establish a similar wide boulevard in Jaffa parallel to the narrow, crowded street that was the only main street that crossed the city (now Yefet Street).

Flea Market
The flea market in Jaffa is a flea market where various objects, clothes and furniture are sold, both new and used. The market is located on Amiad Street, Oli Zion, Yehuda Margoza and Beit Eshel Street in Jaffa. The market is crowded all year round and is a magnet for visitors, tourists and lovers of bargains and second hand objects. Tours of Jaffa's alleys often pass through the market.

The Clock Tower
The Clock Tower in Jaffa is a clock tower set up by Moritz Sheinberg, a watchmaker and a Jewish watchmaker from Jaffa. The tower, established in 1903, was one of six clock towers built in the Land of Israel in honor of the 25th anniversary of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II.

Jaffa Harbor And Marina
Jaffa Port is an ancient port on the Mediterranean Sea, located in Old Jaffa, Israel. It serves as a fishing harbor, a yacht harbor, and as a tourism destination. It offers a variety of culture and food options, including restaurants where fresh fish and seafood is served